Policies & FAQ



What is the material fee?

There is a material fee of $20 every 6 months (January & July) for each student. The fee will cover OrchePia’s homework book, two recitals per year, evaluations and workshops, and other supplementary materials. Piano books are not covered by the material fee and will be charged separately.

Is there a discount for multiple lessons?

Yes. Assuming you or your child takes an 1 hour program (including music theory), any secondary instrument lesson will be discounted $5.

When do I pay for the month’s lessons?

Tuition must be paid by the 10th of the following month. A $15 late fee will be debited for late payments not received by the 10th.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

For your convenience, tuition can be paid automatically every month by enrolling in the credit card autopay program.  Alternatively you may pay tuition at the front desk with cash, check, or credit card.

Attendance (Cancellations & Rescheduling)

Can I cancel a lesson for a full refund?

If your child is on school break/vacation, you may cancel a lesson for a full refund by notifying the front desk at least one week in advance. If school is in session for your child, you cannot cancel a lesson for a full refund. Please refer to your child’s school calendar for break dates.

What if my child can’t come to lesson while school is in session?

Please notify the front desk and reschedule the lesson. Rescheduled lessons must be completed within 8 weeks of the original lesson. Cancellations with refunds are not permitted during while school is in session.

How do I reschedule a lesson?

Contact the front desk to reschedule lessons. If you are calling outside of OrchePia’s hours, please feel free to leave a message.

Can I reschedule a rescheduled lesson?

No. We understand that schedules don’t always workout the way we plan. However, for the consideration of the teacher, a lesson can only be rescheduled once. You have the option of either attending the rescheduled lesson or paying for the missed lesson.

The teacher isn’t available to reschedule with. What can I do?

The student will be scheduled with a substitute teacher for that one lesson. All teachers are trained by OrchePia and are capable of delivering the same, top quality teaching experience for you or your child.

The teachers will coordinate so that the lesson plans and progress your child has been making will continue seamlessly.

It is also a good experience for a student to take lessons with a different teacher so that he/she can get exposure to a new taste and style of playing an instrument.

What do I do if I couldn’t come to class and forgot to notify the front desk?

Unfortunately, without notification, your lesson cannot be rescheduled and you will be billed for the lesson. Always remember to notify the front desk as soon as you can.

What do I do if I plan on taking 2 weeks or more off from lessons?

Please notify the front desk of your absence. Please keep in mind that the student’s lesson time can only be reserved for up to 2 weeks and you may need to pick a new lesson time upon your return. If your break is longer than 4 weeks, please call 1 week prior to your return so we can prepare for the student’s return.

Recitals & Competitions

How often can my child perform in a recital?

1 or 2 times a year. All students who have been taking lessons at OrchePia for 6 or more months are invited to perform at a recital. Recitals take place in March, June, September, and December. Your child’s teacher will inform you on recital dates.

What are the age requirements for competitions and recitals?

Competitions require students to be aged 7 and up. However, there is no age requirement for recitals.

What qualifications must be met in order to enter a recital?

Students must perform a selected piece for the evaluator. The evaluator will then decide if your child is ready for a recital.

What qualifications must be met in order to enter a competition?

Students must receive a recommendation from their instructor. The student will then perform a selected piece for the evaluator who will then decide if your child is ready to compete.

My child has stage fright. Is it mandatory for him/her to participate in the recital and/or competitions?

No, but it is highly recommended because it will help students strive for a goal and help develop strength in presentation and confidence.

OrchePia’s System & Program

What does “OrchePia” mean?

“OrchePia” is a combination of the words “Orchestra” and “Piano”. History lesson: OrchePia started off as solely a piano school and then grew to include a much larger variety of instruments.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, you will receive $30 for every new family that signs up with OrchePia through your referral. Please ask the front desk for any other promotional benefits. Spread the word!

How do I discontinue lessons at OrchePia?

We’re so sorry to see you go. In order to discontinue lessons, you must give at least 2 weeks notice to the front desk. If no notice is provided, you will be billed for all the month’s lessons.

Which holidays does OrchePia observe?

Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Winter Break (12/24 - 1/1)

How do I change my child’s teacher?

If you’d like to change your child’s teacher, please contact the director, James Kim, and he will meet with you to find a better match for your child.

What differentiates OrchePia from other schools?

  1. Our unique curriculum and original methods have been proven to be successful for over 5,000 students.

  2. Students of any age are note ready within 4 lessons!

  3. Students may participate in oversea music festivals

  4. Students may participate in both local and international competitions

  5. Orchepia provide scholarships through competitions

What do students learn in their theory class?

Music theory is the technical part of playing an instrument. With knowledge of music theory, students will know to to create music and will eventually be able to compose a piece themselves. By knowing the elements of music theory, it will also be much easier to understand playing an instrument overall, resulting in faster progress. Interested in the CM? Theory is in the CM criteria and is a must do.

How are the theory classes set up?

Theory classes are in group sessions*, unlike our private instrument lessons. Each student has their own curriculum and work at their own pace. There is no group lectures for the class, but there are instructors to help the students with any questions they may have. *There are private one-on-one theory lessons available for those who need more attention.

My child seems to be struggling with his/her lessons. What can we do?

OrchePia offers free assessments for students who struggle on a specific technique. The student will have the opportunity to have a private lesson with either Mary or James in which they will be able to pinpoint your child’s problem areas and come up with solutions. If you’d like to schedule an assessment, please make your appointment with the front desk.

My child suddenly wants to discontinue lessons. Why is this happening and what can we do?

Your child most likely wants to stop playing because either playing has become too difficult or they are afraid of performing at a recital, competition, and/or evaluation. You’re probably aware of how sensitive and fickle children can be, making it easy for them to change their feelings towards anything. It is understandable why they begin to dislike laying once under pressure. Therefore, recitals, competitions, and evaluations are not mandatory although they are highly recommended to benefit your child.

If you feel your child fits this description, please talk to James ir Mary. They would love to give you insightful tips and may be able to change your child’s view towards these seemingly high-pressured events which really aren’t that bad at all.

Are OrchePia’s teachers credentialed?

Yes. All of our teachers have a degree in performance, and over 90% of our teachers have either a Master’s degree or Doctorate’s degree from renowned schools.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at infonw@orchepia.com or call 949-262-1000.