OrchePia School of Music aspires to deliver quality education in music and the arts. We have been in Southern California since 1995 and offer many programs to support student growth and creativity.

I have been bringing my daughter here for two years now. I really like the school. Her instructor is amazing. Prior to this school I had tried several different schools and private teachers and I feel like she has advanced much more with this school.
— Dan M. Laguna Niguel

Our Locations

Diamond Bar Campus

2751 S. Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

(909) 869-9444


Irvine Campus

950 Roosevelt Ave
Irvine, CA 92620

(949) 262-1000


Our Facilities

OrchePia takes pride in our facilities. Not only is each campus clean, safe, and spacious; our facilities each have their own unique personality that brings creativity and elegance into our environment.

The campuses are made up of several rooms equipped with instruments, music stands, desks, and chairs. Our group music classrooms are large and furnished with individual student desks to give each student their individual space for concentration.

Both locations each have a beautiful concert hall, where competitions and recitals are held. Here you can find a stage with a grand piano, lit up by professional studio lights. There are several rows of cushioned seats so you can be comfortable while watching your child perform.

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee in our waiting room. Cushioned chairs and desks are provided for students who want to catch up on some homework, or for parents who may want to send a few emails as they wait for their child to finish up lessons.

The Irvine campus is kind of crazy looking, but in a fun way. I can see why the kids love it.”
— Lydia K. Irvine


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